About us

Welcome to Invest in Her, a venture capital firm deeply rooted in the belief that women-led businesses are not just necessary for a balanced economy but are also incredibly potent and profitable. Founded by Camilla Läckberg, a University of Gothenburg economics graduate with a profound understanding of both the literary and financial worlds, our firm is committed to nurturing and investing in businesses run by and for women.

Camilla’s journey from an accountant to a best-selling mystery writer and now to a startup founder is woven into the fabric of Invest in Her. Her experiences, detailed in her personal thriller “The Golden Cage,” reflect the struggles and triumphs of women striving to carve their niches in the business world. This novel, while a work of fiction, parallels many of the real-world challenges women face in entrepreneurship and serves as a cornerstone of our firm’s philosophy.

At Invest in Her, we do more than just fund businesses. We empower female entrepreneurs with the resources, mentorship, and network they need to succeed. Our approach is holistic: we invest in innovative ideas and ensure that the women behind them are supported personally and professionally throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

We believe in the power of female leadership and its capacity to transform industries and communities. By investing in women, we’re not just creating a more equitable business landscape—we’re fostering a legacy of empowerment that will inspire generations to come.

Join us at Invest in Her, where your vision can meet our expertise and together, we can build something extraordinary.